Vacuum Loading

Vacuum loading is a very fast and effective way of removing all types of solid and liquid waste, particularly in areas where access is difficult. Our units have high velocity vacuum capability which allows us to vacuum dry and wet products from gross pollutant traps, environment spills, storm water drains, pump station eduction and sewer manholes. The types of waste range from sand, small stone, bricks, clay, cement, oily waters, bulk sewer, waste water and flow management.

Vacuum loading is an environmentally friendly solution as it decreases the amount of waste created in the cleaning process. Our fleet are EPA registered to collect, transport and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Additional areas where vacuum is used:

  • Roads, railways and ports
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Interceptor pits
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Confined spaces
vaccum 1