Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation uses water as the digging tool to cut sand, soil, clay and rock. The vacuum unit removes the debris to identify services, provide excavation for foundations or for the installation of root barriers. Our service allows for excavation without damaging expensive communication cables, gas, water, sewer and storm water pipe assets.

Hydro excavation is very precise, cost-effective and can be used for a large range of jobs with far less impact on the environment than traditional methods of excavation. Some of these include removal of concrete slurry, tree planting, tree relocation, location of services, asset exposure, post hole digging, sign post digging, pit construction and optic fibre exposure.

Our fully trained operators will reduce the use of other expensive and destructive equipment such as excavators, backhoes, bobcats, augers and manual labour. An additional benefit is the major reduction in noise pollution and disruption to the local environment.

Our fleet of hydro excavation units range from:

  • 4000L to 8000L debris tank capacity
  • 2300psi to 5000psi digging pressures to break up differing ground conditions